Thursday, October 7, 2010

Baby Heidi

I can’t believe baby Heidi is now over two months old!  I was looking at her newborn pictures today and I couldn’t help but re-edit some now that I am much more confidant using Photoshop.  Newborn skin is never perfect so I fixed a lot of scratches on her face and red-pigmented skin.  I am lovin’ the black and whites.
IMG_0363e1 copylogoIMG_0497e1 copylogo
IMG_0455e1 copyelogo
IMG_0759E1 copylogo IMG_0476e copylogoIMG_0655e4 copy 3logo
This is strange, but on my Mac these look perfect, but on my PC they look somewhat overexposed.  Anyone know why? 
IMG_0674e3 copyIMG_0743logo2 
And here she is two months later!
IMG_8070 copyelogo

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