Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gaertner Fam

I loved photographing Elizabeth with her husband and father.  They are such a loving family.  I think you will be able to see that in these photos.  

Here is Elizabeth's dad.  Even though he didn't speak English I felt like we still connected and could communicate with each other.  He is such a sweet and loving father that clearly loves his daughter.  This rocking chair is very sentimental to him because his deceased wife used to rock in it all the time.  

She said... YES!  

Elizabeth and her husband were so cute on the swings.  She said now when she is bored in the mornings she knows what to do!  

And my fave of the day...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Feinga Family

I couldn't stop smiling while photographing the Feinga family tonight.  They were so full of joy and laughter that it was contagious.  Even though we just met tonight they opened up immediately and I could see how much they love their adorable son.  Little T opened up his arms and let me hold him right away.  I think I finally have found a baby bigger than my son Greyson.  :)  Maybe he will be a football player like his dad who plays for the Miami Dolphins.  Thanks for making my job so fun and rewarding Feinga family!  I will post more pictures tomorrow, but here is one for tonight.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kefford Family

Man oh man was today busy.  I haven't stopped moving.  Earlier this morning I had the privilege of photographing the Kefford family.  When I first moved to Florida two and a half years ago Michelle made me feel so welcome!  I loved photographing her and her beautiful family and watching her interact with her two precious boys.  Big brother was my assistant and little brother took a little longer to warm up, but once he did he was a ball of fun!  Here are a few of my favorites that I have looked at so far.

To see more of the Kefford family click here.  

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tarpein Family

It was wonderful meeting the Tarpeins on Saturday.  Okay, only kidding.  I have been privileged to know such an awesome family for over a year now.  Basically, Baby L is going to be my future daughter-in-law because she and Greyson are in love.  It was so fun to shoot them because they were very comfortable in front of the camera- probably because America is really good at photography herself and practices on baby and hubby all the time.  :)  Enjoy!
In love with this white brick wall.  Like obsessed. 
IMG_3332 copylogoIMG_3428
I got to experiment with sun flare.  FUN. 
I also used a reflector for the first time and I love the sun glow on lil L’s face in the second shot. 
IMG_3702logoIMG_3607 copylogo
IMG_3771e copyIMG_3778e
IMG_3763 copyIMG_3788 
Love America’s face in this one. 
IMG_3918 copy 2logo
Love L’s eyes in this one. 
My favorite junkyard location. 

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tarpein Family

I have only looked at the first 10 photos so far, but I loved this one!  I thought I would post a little preview until I have time to go through the pictures tomorrow.  :)

IMG_3332 copylogo.jpg

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Baby Heidi

I can’t believe baby Heidi is now over two months old!  I was looking at her newborn pictures today and I couldn’t help but re-edit some now that I am much more confidant using Photoshop.  Newborn skin is never perfect so I fixed a lot of scratches on her face and red-pigmented skin.  I am lovin’ the black and whites.
IMG_0363e1 copylogoIMG_0497e1 copylogo
IMG_0455e1 copyelogo
IMG_0759E1 copylogo IMG_0476e copylogoIMG_0655e4 copy 3logo
This is strange, but on my Mac these look perfect, but on my PC they look somewhat overexposed.  Anyone know why? 
IMG_0674e3 copyIMG_0743logo2 
And here she is two months later!
IMG_8070 copyelogo


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