Monday, August 2, 2010

Borrego Family

What a beautiful family!  I have to say this was the easiest shoot I have ever done because there were no babies involved.  Gosh, all you do is say smile, and voila, older kids smile! :)  They were such a sweet, loving family and I hope you can see that through the pictures.  It is going to be impossible to choose my 25 favorites because the Borrego’s were so photogenic!  I have to also say thanks to Andrea for coming to interpret!  I need to learn Spanish better.  Ok, so here is the preview:
IMG_0887logo IMG_0916logo IMG_0954e1logo IMG_0974elogo IMG_0994elogo IMG_1024elogo IMG_1027elogo IMG_1036elogo IMG_1082elogo IMG_1148elogo IMG_1309logo
And just like sweet “M” was tired after the photo shoot, I am too, so good night! 


  1. My favorite is the one of the 3 kids playing on the beach! Made me wish I was there with them:) Preciosa familia! This is Jessica...not Rich.

  2. Very cute! Love the shot between the buildings and the beach shot of the kids.



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