Monday, July 26, 2010

E and P take Mi-i-iami

My sister got hitched (yay!) and she and her hubby spent a few days in Miami before going on their cruise.  We picked them up today so we could go to lunch and wish them bon voyage on their honeymoon! 
They got to taste my cupcakes I made yesterday!  The cupcakes were so delicious they kissed in celebration.  Okay, maybe it was because they are in love. 
Nothin’ like newlyweds. Everything is cute to them. 
Because they ate Cuban the night before, we decided to go to the famous News Cafe at South Beach.  My veggie omelet was delish. 


  1. I love the Pics, I'm assuming you did these Heidi, what does h.a.m. photography stand for? I am currently looking for a good camera, have any pointers. I have a 10.5 mega pixel snap shot, sony Carl Zeiss edition camera, but I want to step it up a notch and get into the manual lens settings so I can have custom photos, not ones that my camera thinks are good, automatic is not good for me. Oh and by the way, how are you doing? : )

  2. Hi there! So who is this? h.a.m. photography stands for Heidi Ann McLeod. If you want a point and shoot where you can change all the settings manually, the canon powershot s90 is a great one. If you want a DSLR I like the Canon Rebel T1i.

  3. I like the 3rd shot's a cute candid shot!



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