Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fab Folsom Fam

I had a great time photographing the Folsom bunch tonight.  My eyes are glazing over so it is time for me to go to bed, but I know Mama Folsom (I don’t know why I just called you that Micah!) wanted to see some tonight!  I seriously have only looked at a 4th of the pictures I took, but here are “a few” (right) that I loved from the beginning of the shoot.  I will post more tomorrow!
IMG_9115e2logo IMG_9121e1logo IMG_9122e1logo IMG_9128e1logo IMG_9148e1logo IMG_9156e1logo IMG_9200logo IMG_9224e1logo IMG_9226e1logo IMG_9235e1logo IMG_9269e1logo IMG_9278e1logo IMG_9283e1logo IMG_9293e1logo
Okay, here are a few more to add to the bunch.  It is so hard for me to narrow down my favorites.  The final CD contains 98 pictures, even though on my website I say a shoot contains 20-25 edited images.  If I don’t learn how to choose my favorites (and edit much faster) I am going to put myself out of business because it is so time consuming! 
IMG_9347e2logo IMG_9372e5logo IMG_9428e3logo IMG_9413e1logo
JD plays for the Miami Dolphins so the family wanted some pictures uniform style!  So cute!
I thought this one was funny because it looks like J is tackling her daddy! 

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